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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Research, Development & Innovation and Competitiveness of The Geothermal Sector In Europe

Geothermal heating and cooling (H&C) and power is a growing sector in Europe, with sustained growth rates in installed capacity all over Europe. This growth is carried by a lively and active European geothermal industry, were historical actors and new players alike are at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to a rich and strong know how, the presence of many large companies and a widespread bedrock of SMEs, Europe is among the leading industrial actors globally in geothermal. Despite its relative prominence, nevertheless, the European geothermal industry is faced with harsh competition from other geographical areas. That is particularly true in export markets, where the European geothermal sector must constantly prove its competitiveness to obtain projects. Beyond competition within the geothermal sector, there is also the question of the capacity of the European geothermal sector. An issue that questions the very structure of the European market, the robustness of its geothermal sector and the capacity of the existing regulatory framework to lay out a levelled playing field. Moreover, Europe must develop new, innovative solutions to answer the next technological challenges for an accelerated deployment of geothermal across the continent. A next generation of geothermal technologies is needed to remain number one in the world. The Research Agenda and Roadmaps produced by the Geothermal European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) present a clear strategy for developing the research, development and innovation projects required to answer the challenge of the future. These documents outline the research priorities that must be developed between now and 2050 if the Vision for the future of the sector is to be achieved. This paper will present the roadmap, status of its implementation with a monitoring of the first project results and an assessment of the European industrial competitiveness in this sector.

Philippe Dumas

Fausto Batini
ETIP Deep geothermal

Javier Urchueguia
Geothermal panel of RHC Platform

Adele Manzella


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