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The Power Generation Feasibility Analysis Based On Geothermal Geological Feature In Huangshadong Geothermal Field, China

There are mainly 10 deep fault zones and 11 major fault zones in Guangdong. The distribution direction of fault structures is mainly NE, followed by EW and NW. The scales of NE and EW-trending fault zone are large, which constitute the main structural framework in the area; The scale of NW-trending fault is relatively small, and the formation of fault are generally late, which often cut NE and EW-trending fault.Huangshadong geothermal field belongs to hydrothermal geothermal type, distributed in the contact zone between magmatic rock body and surrounding rock. The average temperature value of the field is 134.2 ℃. The average value of the geothermal temperature gradient is estimated at 8.98 m/℃ based on the temperature measurement data of the geothermal field, and the circulation depth of hydrothermal geothermal water is 1034m.The thermodynamic performance of double flash and flash-binary systems is better than that of ORC and single flash systems. The power output per unit geofluid of double flash and flash-binary systems is 20% higher than that of ORC and single flash system. It is better to apply the flash-binary power system because the system is in a positive pressure state when the geofluid temperature is higher than 130℃.The power output per geofluid is more sensitive to geofluid temperature compared with exergy efficiency. When the geofluid temperature increases by 10 °C, the increment of power output per unit geofluid is bigger and the increment of exergy efficiency is smaller.The lower the cooling water temperature is, the higher the maximum Ne and η2 are. When the cooling water temperature drops from 25 °C to 15 °C, the thermodynamic performance of the four power systems increases by about 20-40 %.It is better to select the flash-binary system for Huangshadong geothermal field.

chao luo
Huizhou university


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