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Problems and Obstacles To The Development of Geothermal Heat Pumps In Iran

Due to the huge oil and gas resources in Iran and also due to the payment of energy subsidies by the government, the cost of the energy sector in Iran, which is paid by the people to provide heating and cooling, is very low. For this reason, the development of high-efficiency and low-consumption systems, which have a high initial investment cost, has not been economical for the people, and this has led to an increase in per capita energy consumption in Iran. Despite the many problems of peak energy consumption in the hot and cold months of the year, the development of geothermal heat pumps with low energy consumption and high efficiency is still not possible. In this article, we have tried to study the existing problems and obstacles in the way of developing a geothermal heat pump and to provide solutions to eliminate these problems. One of the most important problems in the development of geothermal heat pumps in Iran is the following: Low energy prices, lack of ease in installing geothermal heat pumps, lack of supportive rules to reduce energy consumption, lack of implementation of pilot projects of geothermal heat pumps in large capacities, lack of support for manufacturers of geothermal heat pumps, lack of data collection Soil base for designing geothermal heat pump and ….

Mohsen Taghaddosi
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (STBA)


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