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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Groundwater In The Taklimakan Desert, China: A Review of 60 Year’s Study

A systematic review has been performed on investigation and research on groundwater in the Taklimakan desert in recent 60 years, in order to summarize major achievements and understandings on groundwater recharge and discharge as well as groundwater circulation. The main shortcomings of current investigation and research were put forward and further study areas were pointed out. Groundwater in the desert originates from lateral groundwater flow from oases, precipitation and river water infiltration and groundwater is mainly consumed by evapotranspiration as well as a limited amount of human withdrawal. Groundwater storage is vast and at a level of 80 trillion m3. Currently, there is a great uncertainty in groundwater recharge and discharge estimation. Groundwater quality is poor in general as indicated by the total dissolved solids (TDS) spatial distribution where the majority of the desert has saline groundwater with TDS ranging from 5 to 10g/L, while only a small area with TDS less than 5 g/L. Vertically, groundwater quality is characterized by saline groundwater in deep and brackish groundwater in upper layers. Groundwater flows northward regionally and turns to flow eastward at the northern margin of the Tarim river fluvial plain, with a mean velocity of 55.94 m/a. In the future, groundwater recharge and discharge should be quantified with more quantitative ways and longer time frame. Detailed data on groundwater circulation should be collected through the packer tests and monitoring in order to systematically study groundwater circulation patterns, put forward regional groundwater flow patterns and summarize quantitatively the features of each flow system. Identification of fresh water and techniques for utilizing high TDS groundwater in the desert should also be enhanced in the future investigation and research.

Lihe Yin
China Geological Survey


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