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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Analysis On Exploitation and Utilization of Xiwenzhuang Geothermal Field

As one of the basic heat sources for heating, it is very important to develop and utilize geothermal resources according to the existing geothermal well parameters. Taking Taiyuan area of Xiwenzhuang geothermal field as an example, this paper analyzed the development status, stratigraphic correlation, structural relationship and geothermal water enrichment rule by combining the parameters of 54 geothermal Wells developed by the company, and referring to the contour map of buried depth on top and bottom of the target layer, and the sections of nearly NORTH-SOUTH and east-west connected Wells. The analysis results can provide guidance for the subsequent selection of target area, burial depth, water temperature, water quantity of target layer and fracture properties in xiwenzhuang geothermal field. At the same time, this analysis method has a certain reference significance for the target area optimization and water temperature and water quantity prediction in other areas.

Yong Xu
Sinopec Green Energy Geothermal Development


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