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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Main Points On Selection of The Best Location For Geothermal Well Drilling

The purpose of geothermal development is withdrawal geothermal energy to serve for energy requirement of human society. Hydrothermal convection could export stronger heat energy than thermal conduction. Therefore, the target of geothermal well drilling should gain hydrothermal fluid rather than a dry hole to be used for heat exchange. How to complete the idea? It is necessary to create a geothermal concept model first. Under certain condition in working area, if there is no deep buried aquafer stratum you have to look for proper fault or fracture. Rely on a preliminary acquaintance for the concept model from geological investigation and geochemical analysis to design geophysical survey for 2 to 4 profiles using CSAMT sounding method. The target is to find out predicted fault with its occurrence. Then you could design a scenario to drill a well and meet the fault in about 1,400 m depth. The well completion could be in depth of 1,500 m. This well could reach such result that the bottom temperature higher as 40-50C and the well yields thermal water temperature higher than 37C of body temperature. Such practice had been completed several dozens of successful wells. For example, 2 wells completed all in 1,600 m depth last year. One of them gets 1,000 m3/d of 67C flow, the other gets 840 m3/d of 43C flow.

Keyan Zheng
Geothermal Industry Working Committee of China

Zihui Chen
China Institute of Geological Environment Monitoring


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