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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Study On High Efficiency Recharge of Middle and Deep Sandstone Geothermal Reservoir -- A Case Study of Lankao County, Henan Province

At present, geothermal heating is an important clean heating method in northern China. Geothermal recharge technology is an important technical means to ensure the sustainable development of geothermal field and protect the surface environment. In this paper, lankao area is taken as an example to evaluate and analyze the performance of geothermal recharge. According to the current situation of geothermal recharge, the reasons for the current decrease of geothermal recharge efficiency are analyzed, and the methods to improve the recharge efficiency are comprehensively studied from the aspects of well completion process, surface process, daily operation, etc.

Yuwen Wang
Sinopec New Star Henan CoMPany


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