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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Evaluating Geothermal Applications In Albania & Kosova

The staggering vulnerability of most conventional energy sources (especially fossil fuels) has caused the need to realign and diversify the energy mix of most countries. Subsequently, numerous countries are experiencing a surge in interest in geothermal energy in all sorts of applications, including but not limited to, conventional geothermal, EGS, deep-loop systems, repurposing SAG-D wells, geothermal brine extraction, to repurposing previously abandoned oil and gas wells. All of which require different, unequivocal, technical skill and knowledge to utilize since they all have different geomechanical and operational challenges. In this study we will take a look at never-before-seen data and applications of geothermal suitability for the energy impoverished countries of Albania & Kosova. A join case study is introduced due to the interconnected energy program that both countries share with each other. Geothermal potential and purposes will be determined based on regions and application suitability, based on past and future path forward will be discussed.

Besmir Buranaj Hoxha
Robert Gordon University
United Kingdom

Atifete Zuna
Geothermal Energy Kosova

Zamir Bega
University of Tirana

Juan Soto
University of Texas - BEG
United States


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