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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Thinking and Analysis On Intelligent Operation of Geothermal Heating Station

In the process of urban heating, coal is the most commonly used energy in China, which is directly related to China's large country with coal as the main energy. With the proposal of double carbon target, the country urgently needs clean energy heating. Geothermal energy has the remarkable advantages of rich reserves, wide distribution and renewable, and plays a more and more important role in clean heating. Geothermal heating is different from the traditional heating forms in the past. The traditional heating is only transported by the heat source plant, and the automatic heating can be realized by simply adjusting the regulating valve, circulating pump, make-up pump and other equipment in the heating station according to the climate compensation. For geothermal heating, it is necessary to consider taking heat without water consumption and 100% reinjection, so as to realize renewable and sustainable development of energy. It has the significance of further research and experiment on the control of heat source and automatic control equipment in the station.

Qiangqiang Lv
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