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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Judgment Method and Technology of Main Water Production Horizon of Geothermal Well

The development of hydrothermal geothermal resources is generally open hole completion、 long hole section、general development, There are many water layers in the mining section and large longitudinal span.Conventional logging methods are generally used to judge the water production horizon, However, the judgment of the main water production horizon is unclear, and the fine development cannot be achieved during the well completion process, resulting in wasted drilling footage and unreasonable screen positions. Taking a limestone geothermal well in Qihe as an example, Using drilling and Well logging data, conventional logging, well temperature logging, imaging logging, liquid production profile logging and other means to comprehensively judge the main water production horizon in this area, so as to provide basis for fine geothermal development in this area.

Xiantao Zhu
Sinopec Lvyuan geothermal energy (Shandong) Development Co., Ltd.


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