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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Analysis On High Quality Development of Geothermal Energy In China

From the perspective of management and development mode, the utilization of geothermal energy in the north is more policy oriented, market passive and people's livelihood guarantee, while the utilization of geothermal energy in the south is more guided by the government, market initiative and people's livelihood demand. Strengthening exchanges between geothermal management, enterprises and industries in the South and North will contribute to the overall improvement of China's geothermal industry. The geothermal development in the south is mainly reflected in the following six aspects: first, it is highlighted to adjust measures to local conditions. The geographical location and geological conditions of cities in the Yangtze River and Huaihe River Basins determine that it is more suitable to carry out the utilization of shallow geothermal energy. Most areas are generally located in areas with hot summer and cold winter climate. The heating and cooling needs of residents in winter and summer are relatively balanced, which is suitable for the development of shallow geothermal energy heating and cooling projects; Second, highlight the market orientation. Some southern provinces have good economic conditions, high residents' requirements for quality of life, large demand for heating and refrigeration market, and high acceptance of heating and refrigeration consumption; Third, the technical support is favorable. Geothermal universities, scientific research institutes and high-tech enterprises gather to further guide the scientific research of the whole process technology of geothermal energy development, which can provide good technical support for geothermal market development, the landing of new technologies and equipment, and the operation and maintenance of projects; Fourth, the industrial chain is complete and the investment cost is low. The South and other provinces are major provinces in China's geothermal industry equipment manufacturing. The equipment is produced and consumed locally, which reduces the cross regional freight and further reduces the cooperation cost and project investment cost; Fifthly, it has formed a good ecology, many geothermal development projects and rich experience, and created a good market circulation system and mechanism. Geothermal development in the north is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: first, firmly grasp the main line of clean heating in the north, take clean heating in the north as the starting point, bring geothermal heating into the scope of clean heating subsidies in the north, and strive for more policies and support to create a good development and utilization space for geothermal heating; Second, the competent energy department took the lead, took the initiative, made overall coordination, and gradually smoothed out the planning, development, monitoring and management of geothermal energy, forming local operable guidance; Third, promote the geothermal energy development mode of government enterprise cooperation, actively promote competent and responsible geothermal heating enterprises, comprehensively plan geothermal heating in combination with local geothermal resource endowment and heating conditions and urban development, and create a regional geothermal heating franchise mode, which has achieved good results in supporting geothermal development and ensuring people's livelihood; Fourth, actively promote the exploration of geothermal resources, guide the competent department of natural resources to strengthen the investigation and evaluation of geothermal resources through financial funds, and support geothermal development enterprises to have priority in the later geothermal market through geothermal exploration investment.

Yong Qiao
China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute


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