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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Pump-Less Orc Technology Is Available Using 60℃ Hot Water Generation

This paper introduces a breakthrough in engineering thermodynamic thermal cycle technology, —— "Langtian no-pump ORC cycle", which can use 60℃ of low-grade thermal energy to generate electricity.This technology eliminates the ORC (organic Langken cycle) working medium pump, which is powered to absorb the thermal energy from the outside world, cycle under the action of differential pressure, gravity and valve, and output mechanical energy (power generation).The thermal analysis and its device manufacturing test have proved that the "Langtian no-pump ORC cycle" has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, simple structure and low manufacturing cost, and produces the following beneficial effects: (1)The improvement of thermal efficiency makes 60℃ thermal water under normal temperature cooling power generation economical and expands the scope of thermal power generation, and the higher the heat source temperature, the more valuable the thermal efficiency is. (2)The simplified thermal cycle structure makes the manufacturing of small and micro thermal power generation equipment has superior market cost performance, filling the market gap of small and micro low-temperature power generation products. (3)Reducing the manufacturing cost of traditional ORC will promote the popularization and application of low-temperature power generation technology. Using "Langtian no-pump ORC cycle", hot spring hot water can be used to generate electricity; the current "hot water power generation device" (prototype) has been running normally, and the product manufacturing scheme design has been completed."Langtian no-pump ORC cycle" creates an advanced renewable and clean energy acquisition and energy saving solution!

Zhirong Luo
Guangzhou Langtian Thermal Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.


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