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World Geothermal Congress 2023

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Purpose of Geothermal Development Should Be The Maximizing Benefits

Renewables have very low carbon dioxide emission when compared to conventional all energies. There is very higher capacity factor for geothermal energy. Combining both we can see the comprehensive index of carbon dioxide emission, equals the product of both the CO2 emission tons for million kW.h electricity and the installed capacity MW for annual million kW.h electricity. This parameter of MW.t means total CO2 emission of annual million kWh electricity for someone energy. So we can see geothermal has the lowest comprehensive index of carbon dioxide emission. It verified that geothermal owns absolute superiority for energy saving and carbon dioxide emission reducing. Nevertheless, geothermal development didn’t gain ideal growth and benefits. Geothermal power generation progress so slow all along. Geothermal direct use has decreased its growth speed in recent years. Hot dry rock development was looked good but without substantial progress in fact. Try to find out reason, it is due to didn't pay attention to the maximizing benefits. However, it is replaced by some specious watchwords. There was a certain influence due to insufficient policy support. And because it induced less dividend of policy therefore somebody came up with the idea for earning money. They use "key technology breakthrough" and "patent" to deceive investment from government and users. It is impetuous and hypocrisy. It has deviated purpose of geothermal development. In addition, deficiency of university professional curriculum made weak awareness on geothermal energy and advanced geothermal technology for the business and society. Based on above analyses for current situation and reasons it was proposed that further reform and innovation is necessary to realize the maximizing benefits, in order to reach the target of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralizing, and let geothermal development to make a bigger contribution.

Keyan Zheng
Geothermal Industry Working Committee of China


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